Construction Inventory Management Simplified

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Reduce tool loss, save time, and avoid costly project delays with Align, the construction industry's first and most powerful tool tracking solution.

Accurately Count and Track Inventory

Align makes it easy to ensure you have up-to-date quantities on tools, equipment, materials, and consumables at job sites, stock locations, or in the possession of an employee.

  • Align reporting pulls the most recent inventory counts with taken with just a few clicks.
  • Count tickets capture real-time inventory counts via a scanner or mobile device.

Manage Transfers With Confidence and Ease

Align improves visibility and streamlines communication between warehouse and field around the transfer of items.

  • Field requisitions for additional assets initiate a transfer workflow in Align.
  • Pick tickets are auto-populated by incoming field requisitions.
  • Transfers officially change the item location and owner once the items have been picked and delivered.
  • Returns enable field personnel to proactively return tools and equipment to the warehouse when they are no longer needed on site.

Stay on Top of Inventory Levels

Leverage Align's robust inventory management features to keep just the right amount of inventory on hand at all times.

  • Purchasing and receiving capabilities enable inventory to be replenished quickly and easily, including auto-populating purchase orders.
  • Low-level notifications proactively alert warehouse staff when item quantities are low and need to be reordered.

You’re in Good Company

Align is a complete 180 from other platforms I’ve worked with. We’re anticipating $750K to $800K worth of tool utilization this year. We are tracking our tools better and not spending money on tools we don’t need.

We now know what we need to charge our customers. Before Align, it was difficult to make any direct connection between our actual costs and what we should be charging to recover them.

Tony Herring
Field Ops Manager, Woodruff

Ken Dixon
Vice President, Todd Construction

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Powerful Platform

The Align platform helps your business keep track of valuable tools, equipment, and other material at all times. Field teams can easily requisition hardware and supplies from warehouses, minimizing waste and preventing theft.

Why Choose Align?

Instrumental Integrations

Align integrates with your other key business solutions to drive operational visibility, efficiency, and accuracy. Align integrations include ERP systems, project management, manufacturers, and others.

Trusted Team

Our team of experts are with you every step of the way. From implementing and training your team on our platform to providing ongoing support, we are here to help drive your success. We succeed when you succeed.

For 30 years, Align has helped construction companies around the world improve productivity by streamlining their operations across field, warehouse, and back office teams. Our powerful, easy-to-use platform drives more effective management of tools, equipment, materials, and consumables. With Align, our customers run their businesses more efficiently and more cost-effectively – and, most importantly, more profitably.

Learn How You Can Get Full Operational Control of Your Job Sites

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Our Job Site Portal and Mobile Field App streamlines job site operations. Quickly and accurately request and return tools, equipment, materials, and consumables.

Field Productivity

Know exactly where your tools and materials are at all times. Better manage your inventory, maximize equipment uptime and more effectively support projects in the field.


Configure your ontology to your exact requirements

Visibility drives insights. Our operational controls ensure your projects have the resources needed for on-time delivery while minimizing waste.

Back Office

See how Align lets you run every part of your construction business more efficiently and profitably, reducing waste and increasing your margins.

A Whole-Business Solution

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